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Epiphany is recruiting – as we have for a while. Hopefully, activity will increase over the next few weeks. Christmas is closing in, with time off for people to play. Epiphany is a social guild, which means that everyone is welcome as long as they can behave. To reflect this, members and initiates are allowed to invite members. The goal is to be an active social guild, with an active guild chat, and dungeons, scenarios and raids going on regularly. Bear in mind that Epiphany will never be a hardcore raiding guild like we were on Trollbane, as that lead to the guild’s demise.

If you see any member ingame, just whisper for an invite. The guild is currently level 4, we need YOU to get it to 25 (and beyond).


Last week, i purchased Mists of Pandaria. I was “sitting on the fence” a long time before deciding to purchase it. I´ve played every bit of the game since it´s EU release in february 2005, and enjoyed it a lot. Towards the end of Cataclysm however, i grew very tired of it.

If you happen to stumble upon this page, remember the guild and all the good times, feel free to drop a line or two. Epiphany on Alonsus is going to be a social guild – i´m hoping for lots of members and a high level of activity. Raiding and end-game content? Perhaps, but nowhere near hardcore (or any other core).

Drop by and say hello if you please!

Sincerely Opacus / Praefatio / Pindi / Placidia / Atwyn / Rumpeldunk