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Last week, i purchased Mists of Pandaria. I was “sitting on the fence” a long time before deciding to purchase it. I´ve played every bit of the game since it´s EU release in february 2005, and enjoyed it a lot. Towards the end of Cataclysm however, i grew very tired of it.

If you happen to stumble upon this page, remember the guild and all the good times, feel free to drop a line or two. Epiphany on Alonsus is going to be a social guild – i´m hoping for lots of members and a high level of activity. Raiding and end-game content? Perhaps, but nowhere near hardcore (or any other core).

Drop by and say hello if you please!

Sincerely Opacus / Praefatio / Pindi / Placidia / Atwyn / Rumpeldunk